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Why support the VK3 D-Star User Group

The Victorian D-Star User Group was started to fund the continued operation of the Gateway at VK3RWN.

As you are all aware the Internet service to connect to the Gateway was originally funded by the WIA, when this ended the EMDRC were offered the responsibility to continue the funding.

As there are only a hand full of EMDRC members using the repeater the club decided it would not be in the best interests of the club to allocate this expense for so few members.

As a result of the prospect of losing the internet to the Gateway a few users decided to form a group to fund and upgrade the repeater.

The membership raised sufficient funds to pay for some 12 months initially, we now find our funds depleting and will soon call for renewal of the financial membership.

We would be very appreciative if any new members wish to join the group, the fees are $40 per year

Please contact our Assistant Treasurer Brian


David Ryan