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Bluestack & DVMEGA


Hello to All,

Well, firstly I would like to say what an enjoyable day was at our Technical Day at the EMDRC.  Thanks to all that was able to make it. We will try & give much more notice ahead of our next one.

Wayne (VK3XF) bought along his new Bluestack & DVnega setup. we had a look see while Wayne did his little talk about it. He paired the unit with his old mobile which is being used as a Monitor for the application on his Android phone. He then connects the whole setup via home WiFi or paired with his new mobule with the built-in Bluetooth with a portable battery & go completely wireless anywhere.

We all spent time talking about the systems that are around, Terry (VK3BMX) bought his laptop to help Paul program his GPS settings on his ID-4100A. We hope to hold many more of these little Technical/Workshop days where we can help new comers with programming Radios & getting on air.

The Technology is moving ahead fast, especially with Hotspots. This opening the world to Amatuer Radio Operators who cannot put up large Antenna Systems, move into Nursing homes etc. This new breed of connecting radios  to the internet via Hotspots in becoming extremely popular world wide.

The Bluestack & DVMega can be purchased Click Here within VK now,

The BlueDV Software is provided by David PA7LIM,


Please CLICK HERE to go to the Downloads Support Page.

David does mention on his website, there are some Laminations to his software & support, So please read everything clearly before rushing ahead & going down a path that might limit yourself.

There are a number of other setups such as the SharkRF, Raspberry Pi, Zumspot & probaly more to come, we are hoping in time that we will also do some Technical Works shops on these other devices.

So, if anyone else has new ideas, wants to do a talk on his setup for upcoming days please let us know.

We finished off the day with a nice BBQ, what a lovely day Melbourne put on for us. So I wish everyone a happyChristmas & Safe New Year.